Sunday, August 9, 2009


A proud father cradles his newborn child and asks his wife, "What's for dinner tonight honey?" She looks lovingly at the new bundle of joy and softly answers "our baby's placenta."

When it comes to food, I like to think I'm adventurous. Plain foods, exotic foods, or scary foods, I'm willing to try mostly anything. My motto is you never know what could be your next favorite food. As open-minded as I am about food, I was in utter shock and disbelief to learn about this.

My friend told me about it over dinner of all times, "It's becoming more common now, eating placentas. There are even recipes and techniques for cooking it." I did not think she was serious, but later that day I googled it and nonetheless, it was legit. I found this article by Time Magazine describing one father's culinary placental experience...

Apparently eating placentas after giving birth is widespread throughout the animal world. The placenta is said to contain many vitamins and nutrients that sustain the fetus throughout the pregnancy, and instead of disposing of this valuable nourishment after birth, the mother ingests it.

I don't care how loaded that bloody mess is of vitamins and nutrients, that is plain disgusting and disturbing! Come on eating your own temporary organ that came out of your own reproductive tract?! That is so nasty!

Just because it's common in the animal world doesn't mean humans should eat their placentas too! It's also common for animals to eat their own excrement, does that mean we should follow suit? No! Last I checked we were civilized human beings, we have the luxury of grocery stores and refrigerators to store healthy, nutritious food in. Must people resort to eating their own body's organs for nourishment? Ugh, this conjures up images in my head of naked hairy humans running through the forest like apes grunting and chowing down on their placentas...

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